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Research projects

Hereinafter a list of research Projects Citrech has participated:

  • Ort-POR Sicilia - Innovation 14.10.05 Company Ortogel spa - POR Sicilia 2000/2006 – mis. 3.14 - Project n. 0198 entitled: “A new product “Citrus Soluble Fiber“ through optimisation of existing products by novel enzyme techniques.
  • ”POR Sicilia – Innovation 16.10.2005 Company Cinzia alimentari srl - POR Sicilia 2000/2006 – mis. 3.14 – Project n. 0291 entitled: “Pectinesterase inactivation in citrus juices with cold-pasteurisation with high-pressure supercritical CO2”. 
  • POR Sicilia 2000-2006 mis. 3.14 – Company Agrumaria Corleone SpA Project entitled: “Membrane- Supramolecular Chemistry integrated technology for selective removal of pesticides from citrus essential oils“.
  • Program PIA Innovation Project n. D08/0501/P 42300-13 – PIA REACOS Company Gioia Succhi Srl Decreto M.S.E. 1522320 del 1.12.2006 entitled “Novel methods for improve value of citrus by-products"; Projects “SAGRO“ POR Sicilia 2010 -2013 CUP G 63F11000470004
  • Project“ SAGRO “ POR Sicilia 2010 -2013 CUP G 63F11000470004 Company Ortogel SpA “Third generations solar cells sensitized with natural autoctone pigments“.
  • Project MISE Decr. 21 May 2014, G.U. Serie Generale n.134 del 12-06-2014 Company Citrofood SpA “Sustainable use of industrial citrus wastes“.
  • Project PO FESR Sicilia 2014-2020 "New products from industrial processing of Mediterranean fruits and sustainable by-products management - MedFruit"

We Connect Buyers and Sellers

The connection between buyers and sellers is of fundamental importance to the proper functioning of any business. Whenever an interaction takes place between these two parties, a relationship is created based on the buying and selling of goods or services. This connection is important because it allows consumers to get what they need and sellers to gain income and support for their business.
Without an effective connection between buyers and sellers, the market would be chaotic and would not function properly. Buyers would not be able to find the products or services they need, while sellers would not have enough customers to sustain their business. The connection between these two parties creates a balance between supply and demand, allowing buyers to satisfy their needs and sellers to earn money.
Furthermore, the connection between buyers and sellers is important for the creation of trust between the two parties. When buyers are satisfied with their purchase, they are more likely to become loyal customers and recommend the product or service to others. Similarly, sellers who maintain a good reputation and offer quality products and services are more likely to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
With the advent of technology and online trading, the connection between buyers and sellers has become even more important. Through the use of the Internet, buyers can easily search for and compare products and services, while sellers can reach a larger and more diverse audience. In this way, the connection between buyers and sellers becomes crucial for the success of business activities and for the innovation of the products and services offered; the risk, however, is an excess of proposals that are not easily evaluated by the buyer. Collaboration with Citrech makes it possible to guide the choice of supplier in the best possible way.
In conclusion, the connection between buyers and sellers is a fundamental element for the proper functioning of the market and for the success of business activities. Without an effective and stable connection, trade and the economy could not exist efficiently and sustainably. For this reason, it is important to invest in creating and maintaining a good connection between buyers and sellers in order to ensure a prosperous future for both, and Citrech can help You with this.

Link Esterni/External links

Di seguito i link ad alcuni lavori scientifici sugli agrumi e a siti web esterni

FMC Analytical MethodsUSDA U.S. Department of Agriculture
USDA Flavonoids DatabaseUSGS Pubication Warehouse
Blood Oranges Hydroxycinnamic AcidsUSDA National Agricultural Library
anthocyanins rich composition for inhibiting cancer cellsFlorida Department of Citrus
antitumor agentUltimate Citrus
method for inhibiting cancer cellsAgris Database Natural Substances
method for suppressing states of illness in the digestive systemAOAC
Anthocyanins and anthocyanin-rich extracts role in diabetes and eye functionAIJN
pharmaceutical products for treating neoplastic diseases and inflammationFood & Drink Europe
compositions-and-methods-for-neuroprotectinEU Soft-Drinks Association
dietary supplements containing anthocyaninsEU Quality Control System
food material containing antioxidant ingredients from citrus fruitIFU International Federations of Fruit Juice Producers
method and compositions for inhibiting oxidationSGF
method for inhibiting cyclooxygenase and inflammation using bioflavonoidsTechnical Commitee for Juices and Juice Products
Potential of the bioflavonoids in the prevention/treatment of ocular disordersCodex Alimentarius
Cyanidin-3-glucoside and its phenolic acid metabolites attenuate visible light-induced retinal degenerationFAO
compositions and methods for regulating hypercholesterolemia with limonoids and flavonoidsWHO
modification of cholesterol concentrations with citrus phytochemicalsUSDA Nutrition Facts
Therapeutic Effects of Anthocyanins for Vision and Eye
color stable food containing
Koch Membrane SystemAlfa Laval
Membrane WorldBrown
Membrane GuideCook Machinery Corporation
JBT FoodtechSpeciale
Vincent CorporationIndelicato

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