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Citrech Snc has been established in 2001 by Dr. Massimo d'Avella and Dr. Rosario Timpone both with more than thirty years experience in Citrus Products and well known in the Italian Citrus business. Beside their activity in Citrech Snc, they are daily working as consultants (Technical Supervisors) in two leading processors in Sicily. Dr. d'Avella is also share-holder and Technical Manager of California Citrus product (, a Swiss trading company selling Italian citrus products all over the world.
Citrech Snc manages mainly new applications and new technologies in citrus, co-operating closely with technical departments of many Italian citrus processors in order to realize its project and ideas as recognised economically convenient and useful to improve quality turning in industrial applications.
During past years Citrech partecipated to many innovative projects together with leading processors and South Italy Universities to improve innovation in citrus processing, by-products recovery especially from wastes. Examples are bioflavonoids, fibre, pigments, pectin from citrus eastes.

Here a link to the list of Research Projects Citrech has participated.

Thus, Citrech Snc that is not selling machinery or equipments, is perfectly able to suggest best equipments to realize products or projects both traditional and innovative.


We can help You to optimize Your processes or Your products using traditional or innovative technologies. 
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We're ready to help You with consulting services focused on Your needs.

We can help for installing a new production line or to modify an existing one  to obtain different products, or co-operate in Research Projects.