Citrech Special Technologies  

Citrech consulting improve or make cheaper traditional technologies; where possible prefer to use membrane technology (often coupled with absorber resins) to improve or update traditional processing schemes. This is true both for citrus main and by-products.

Citrech offers "keys in hand" solutions to manufacture:
1. "Crystal Clear" Clarified Citrus Juices
2. Clarified Citrus "upgraded" by-products with low pectin content
3. Natural Cloudifyers
4. Natural Orange Sugars (Deionised Orange Concentrate)
5. Citrus Concentrated Polyphenols Extracts

Moreover, we can offer our innovative tecniques of
  • Enzyme Dewatering
  • Citrus Fiber Products
that make possible to turn a losing trade like citrus pellets production for cattle feed in something economically convenient.
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membrane Technology 

A membrane is thin structure separating two fluids acting as selective barrier; in other words, some substances can go though the membrane and other not. Substances going through the membrane are known as "permeate", the other are known as "retentate". The easiest classification method is size: substances bigger that pore size will bi retained, while smaller molecules will gothrough.
In the next picture we'll show an exemplification of different membranes properties according to molecular cut-off i.e. according to membrane pore's size. Classification is as follows.

  1. Microfiltration (MF)
  2. Ultrafiltration (UF)
  3. Nanofiltration (NF)
  4. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Concluding, membranes, apart the simple clarification afford to manage pectin content and to perform classifications at molecular level affording to purify mixtures and to enrich content of a specific class of substances in a mixture.

"Crystal clear" Citrus Juices

"Crystal Clear" clarified citrus juices are juices without pulp and natural colloids, used in products where peins presence may cause problems like fruit liquers or alcoholic beverages. Citrech might help in the choice of processing technology and suggesting most appropriate membranes advising how to avoid problems linked to residue essential oils that might harm processing plants.


Most of fruit juice based beverages are cloudy. Between them, customer immediately recognise citrus juices and citrus juices based beverages; for all these products clarification or excessive transparency are, surely, a big defect. Cloudiness is due to a suspension of insoluble compounds like oils, pectins, flavonoids, lipids and proteins in a finely divided matrix che does not precipitates or floats at the surface.

Beverage industry uses cloudifiers in theis formulations; those are generally "artificial" obtained mixing a water phase and an oil phase "kept" together by stabilisers and often containing weighting agents (BVO or esther gurm) and sometimes flavoring oils.

Citrech can suggest You good formulations but can also help You to manufacture natural cloudifiers. System uses a technology named "ULTRACLOUD" that can be used in a "100% Natural" version or in "Plus" version that uses other natural compound to improve specific claudiness.


During juices or by-products production it may happen to make a defective product that cannot be reprocessed in due time and cannot be used easily cause organoleptic or behavioural defect.

Often those products are "forgotten" somewhere in cold stores for a long time; then when You decide You have the time to reprocess, often You worry about effect of the bad product on the new one and then decide to wait again and again till the product is totally off!

With Citrech technology is possible to recover in a concentrated form almost all sugars contained; processcan be coupled together an aminoacids recovery.