Opuntia Ficus Indica

Citrech is experimenting an high-quality prickly pear juice winning system; we believe, in fact, that simple puree obtained by pressure from fruit has a poor quality and small chance of extended use; In this case for "juice" Citrech intends a clarified  juice regardless its color.
Always watching to innovation, Citrech believe that the right technology will involve membrane use anfter enzyme pretreatment in order to obtain a clear product stabilised also from microbiological side without heat treatments.
We also thing to membrane technology for a "cold-concentration" of juice whose quality will be decisive for commercial success of this product up to now surely not market favorite as such or as ingredient.
Tests will be done during 2015 in order to be ready to propose an Industrial System in time for 2016 crop.System should also include nutraceutics recovery.