Non-Citrus Technologies 

Citrech during years gathered a wide experience in industrial exploitation of citrus processing residues; many of technologies described in our website could be applied also in other merchandise sectors with good satisfaction both from technological an economic side.
Process described for sugars recovery can be applied, even with better yield, from by-products from fruits more rich in sugars that citrus, like tropical fruits.
Citrech is sure to be able to transfer its experiece in by-products recovery also in other fields.
In this section Citrech will describe research activities and industrial developments concerning non-citrus fruits as soon as those experiences will be regarded rate and reliable.


During juices or by-products production it may happen to make a defective product that cannot be reprocessed in due time and cannot be used easily cause organoleptic or behavioural defect.
Often those products are "forgotten" somewhere in cold stores for a long time; then when You decide You have the time to reprocess, often You worry about effect of the bad product on the new one and then decide to wait again and again till the product is totally off!
With Citrech technology is possible to recover in a concentrated form almost all sugars contained; processcan be coupled together an aminoacids recovery.